2024 Update Rollup 1

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The “Domain Administration” contains the administration and configuration objects of a Fabasoft Folio Domain. When installing a Fabasoft Folio Domain a domain administration is created by default. It is recommended to use this domain administration but you can also create your own (all domain administrations reference the same administration and configuration objects).

Note: Object lists in the domain administration are not refresh automatically for performance reasons. To view the current entries, click “Refresh” in the background context menu,

A domain administration provides following substructures:

  • Administration
    Provides an administrator-friendly view on the most important user-related objects that can also be found in User Objects.
  • Domain Objects
    Contains all domain-related objects like licenses or services.
  • User Objects
    Contains all user-related objects like users or user environments.
  • Class Browser
    All objects in Fabasoft Folio belong to an object class. The class browser shows the object class hierarchy for your information but no administration tasks must be carried out.
  • Configuration Objects
    Provides an overview of all configurations. More information about the configuration evaluation order can be found in chapter “Configuration Evaluation Order”.