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This document is an introductory guide to Fabasoft Folio. It explains the technological concepts behind Fabasoft Folio, and presents numerous examples for providing you with the background knowledge allowing you to employ Fabasoft Folio in the most efficient way for solving your business problems.

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Fabasoft Folio is part of the Fabasoft software product portfolio. In combination with Fabasoft app.ducx (an abbreviation for “digital use case execution”), Fabasoft app.test, Fabasoft app.telemetry and Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise it is the ideal platform for composite content applications (CCAs), providing everything you need for designing, implementing, testing, hosting, and administering CCAs. Fabasoft software products support the entire content life cycle, allowing you to reduce your time to value so you can accomplish more with less effort and less resources.

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Fabasoft Folio is a versatile enterprise content platform offering the following key benefits:

  • Fabasoft Folio is a fully-fledged, extensible, highly customizable, and rock solid enterprise content management platform supporting the entire content life cycle.
  • With its integrated workflow engine, Fabasoft Folio covers all your business process management needs.
  • Fabasoft Folio supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms along with an open source application software stack.
  • The Fabasoft reference architecture stands for availability and scalability, no matter if your Fabasoft Folio Domain supports a hundred users or a hundred thousand users.
  • Fabasoft Folio is one of the leading software platforms in terms of compliance, security, transparency, extensibility, and integrability.
  • The single instance content store allows you to reduce your costs, because identical copies of the same data are only stored once on your server’s hard drives.
  • Fabasoft Folio is available in over twenty languages, and provides extensive localization support.
  • As the resilient content backbone for vertical business applications created with the Fabasoft app.ducx development platform, Fabasoft Folio allows for a significant reduction in time to value when implementing and integrating vertical business applications, enterprise portals, and e-services with Fabasoft app.ducx.
  • Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise integrates seamlessly with Fabasoft Folio to provide enterprise search capabilities.

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Fabasoft offers three editions of Fabasoft Folio to suit your needs in an optimal manner. This section provides a concise overview of the different Fabasoft Folio editions.

For a detailed listing of the features and requirements provided by each of the editions of Fabasoft Folio refer to the software product information “Fabasoft Folio”.

Via the Fabasoft Cloud (www.fabasoft.com) it is possible to have a look at Fabasoft Folio and to try a range of Fabasoft Folio’s features.

Fabasoft Folio EnterprisePermanent link for this heading

  • Process-oriented access control
  • Easily customizable, extensible and scalable
  • Single instance content store
  • Support for up to 100,000 users and distributed, heterogeneous environments
  • Full-text search with Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise
  • Connector to SAP (Fabasoft iArchiveLink)

Fabasoft Folio Enterprise is the extensible and scalable enterprise content and business process management platform for enterprise applications tailored to your business needs.

Implementing your business processes with Fabasoft Folio Enterprise leads to improved quality, productivity, speed and security in your organization, and provides for deadlines, automatic exception handling and process path optimization. A sophisticated access rights system safeguards your sensitive business data from unauthorized access.

Fabasoft Folio Enterprise is Fabasoft’s comprehensive base edition covering your enterprise document management, collaboration, business process management and relationship management requirements as well as providing a powerful content repository and cutting-edge Enterprise 2.0 features.

Fabasoft Folio CompliancePermanent link for this heading

  • Archive objects, versions and contents
  • Single instance content store in archives
  • Transfer content and metadata to cost-effective archive media
  • Revision-safe long term archiving
  • Content life cycle and retention management
  • Full-text search in archives with Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise
  • Restore archived content to the production system

Fabasoft Folio Compliance is focused on providing compliance management and online archiving of objects, content and versions. Transparent for users, your enterprise data is written on cost-effective and auditable archive-media. Fabasoft Folio Compliance enables single instance storage of content independently from the chosen archive media by using a high performance resilient content store. This results in significant cost reductions for administration, backup and restore as well as for operations management.

Archived documents and metadata can be restored into the production system according to the configured access rights. Additionally, Fabasoft Folio Compliance also supports the reuse of data within your system for further processing. Automatic version management ensures complete traceability of changes within your organization.

Fabasoft Folio Compliance extends the Fabasoft Folio Enterprise edition with a sophisticated and seamlessly integrated archiving system that enables you to manage your content in a traceable, compliant, and verifiable way.

Fabasoft iArchive as integrated part of Fabasoft Folio Compliance provides for the revision-safe long term archiving of content on auditable and cost-efficient archive media. Featuring single instance store technology, Fabasoft iArchive allows for significant cost reductions and performance gains.

Fabasoft Folio GovernancePermanent link for this heading

  • Electronic records management
  • Corporate governance
  • MoReq2 certified

Fabasoft Folio Governance extends the Fabasoft Folio Compliance edition with exhaustive electronic records management (ERM) capabilities covering your organization’s corporate governance needs. Fabasoft Folio Governance is the world’s first MoReq2 certified records management solution, compliant with MoReq2’s comprehensive framework of over 700 records management use cases.

The Fabasoft Software Product PortfolioPermanent link for this heading

In addition to Fabasoft Folio, the following software products briefly presented in this section are also part of the Fabasoft software product portfolio.

Fabasoft app.ducxPermanent link for this heading

  • Development platform for Fabasoft Folio
  • Fully integrated with Eclipse
  • Comprehensive life cycle management
  • Platform independent

Fabasoft app.ducx is the use case based development environment for building business applications based on the powerful, reliable, and highly scalable Fabasoft Folio software platform.

Fabasoft app.ducx has been specifically designed to cover the application life cycle management (ALM) needs of our development partners, supporting you throughout the entire software development life cycle. The efficient implementation of business applications based on Fabasoft Folio is facilitated by domain-specific languages that immediately become familiar to Java, C# and C++ developers.

As a result, developers can create robust business applications tailored to your business needs quickly and more efficiently.

Fabasoft app.testPermanent link for this heading

  • Automated testing of business applications based on Fabasoft Folio
  • Fully integrated with Eclipse
  • Platform independent

Fabasoft app.test enables the convenient automated testing of business applications implemented using Fabasoft app.ducx. Featuring an intuitive and easy to use interface, the Fabasoft app.test workbench, which is fully integrated with Eclipse, allows you to identify and eliminate issues early in the software development life cycle to reduce development costs.

Fabasoft app.telemetryPermanent link for this heading

  • Application service level management
  • Service access statistics
  • Use case tracking

Fabasoft app.telemetry is a professional system and application management tool for monitoring and managing your hardware and software infrastructure as well as for maintaining your defined application service levels.

Using this revolutionary measuring and profiling software, you can record and analyze the activities of any software application at runtime spanning all layers of the Fabasoft reference architecture. This allows you to evaluate the effects of hardware, software and configuration changes and to address resource bottlenecks and stability issues systematically, quickly and efficiently.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze EnterprisePermanent link for this heading

  • Enterprise search
  • Simple integration of business applications
  • Actionable information

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise is an intuitive, robust, and scalable enterprise search software for finding information within your enterprise’s data sources. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise supports a plethora of information sources such as file systems, mail servers (Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes, Novell GroupWise), intranets and internet sites, deep web portals as well as business applications integrated with the Mindbreeze Integration Framework.

Producing only relevant search results, Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise also features so-called actionable information allowing you to invoke actions on search results directly from within the result list so that you can use the functionality provided by different business applications from directly within Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise.

Who Should Read This Document?Permanent link for this heading

This compact guide was created as an overview of Fabasoft Folio geared towards a broad audience. It provides managers and decision makers with a synopsis of the features, capabilities, and benefits of Fabasoft Folio. New users can use the document as a concise getting started guide of Fabasoft Folio’s possibilities.

For your convenience, the cutting-edge concepts and technologies implemented in Fabasoft Folio are explained in great detail throughout the document along with a vast array of practical examples. Additionally, the document provides numerous references to further literature and documentation.