2024 Update Rollup 1

Formatting Digital AssetsPermanent link for this heading

Dynamic MenusPermanent link for this heading

Digital Assets provide menu entries in the “Clipboard” menu which – according to the configuration – can be used to

  • copy a formatted image to the operating system’s clipboard
  • copy a link to the formatted image to the operating system’s clipboard
  • export an image according to user defined settings
  • save a content in a different format

The menu’s tooltips contain description of how the resulting content is formatted. (e.g. “1024 x 786 PNG”).

Configuration for Dynamic MenusPermanent link for this heading

The software component Digital Assets (FSCDIGITALASSETS@1.1001) provides a configuration object. To edit the configuration settings in the Fabasoft Folio Domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the properties of the Current Domain object in edit mode.
  2. Click the “Components Configuration” tab.
  3. In the Digital Assets field select the Configuration for Digital Assets (FSCDIGITALASSET@1.1001:DefaultDigitalAssetConfiguration).
    This configuration object is used to define the image formats available in the dynamic menu. Every entry is used to build the dynamic menu. To change the settings edit the properties of the digital asset configuration.
    The following settings can be defined:
    • Object Class
      In this field select the object class the configuration should apply to.
    • Short Description
      A multilingual menu text.
    • Description
      A multilingual menu description. This is used as the menu’s tooltip.
    • Width
      The resulting image’s width in pixel.
    • Height
      The resulting image’s height in pixel.
    • Target Format
      The resulting content’s format is defined as file extension.
    • Menu Type
      This setting defines the action of the menu when selected. The following values are available:
      • “Copy Content to Clipboard”
      • “Copy Link to Clipboard”
      • “Export Content”
      • “Save Content”
    • Symbol
      This setting defines the menu’s symbol. Every object of object class Symbol (COODESK@1.1:Symbol) is allowed.
    • Keep Aspect Ratio
      This setting defines whether the resulting image should keep its aspect ratio. If the ratio is omitted the image may appear stretched.
    • Software Component
      The software component that provides the entry.
  4. Click “Next” to save the changes.

Image FormattingPermanent link for this heading

Images can be formatted by

  • Image Width
  • Image Height
  • Target Format
  • Keep Aspect Ratio

Fabasoft Folio provides a preconfigured set of image formatting options:

If a menu is defined with the menu type “Export Content”, an overlay is shown in which the image’s format can be adjusted.

Audio and Video ConversionsPermanent link for this heading

If a menu is defined with the menu type “Save Content”, a content conversion to the specified format is requested. The state of the conversion and further the resulting content is stored in the property File in Different Formats (FSCDIGITALASSET@1.1001:additionalcontents).

Fabasoft Folio provides a preconfigured set of video and audio conversions:

The audio and video conversions are done by an Automated Task executing the action Process Digital Asset Conversions (FSCDIGITALASSET@1.1001:ProcessDigitalAssetConversion). Ideally, the server running the Automated Task can do the configured conversion step, e.g. the tool ffmpeg is required for doing audio and video conversions. If so, the conversion will be done locally.

By default one Automated Task is created and in use automatically which means that one thread processes digital asset conversions. For performance and scalability reasons additional Automated Tasks doing digital asset conversions can be created. The menu entries for video and audio conversions are only shown if at least one Automated Task is active.

A digital asset conversion times out after 12 hours by default. The timeout value can be changed via the environment option "DIGITALASSETTIMEOUT". The value must be given in seconds.