2017 R1 Update Rollup 2

Configuring Fabasoft FolioPermanent link for this heading

The virtual applications that are assigned to the Mozilla Thunderbird buttons can be configured in the vApp configuration.

  1. Open the properties of the desired Virtual Application Configuration.
  2. On the “Interaction With Third-Party-Application” tab create a new entry in the Import of Objects from Third-Party Applications field.
  3. In the Source field select “Thunderbird (Message)”.
  4. In the Use Case fields select the applications that should be executed when clicking the corresponding button.
    Note: The button is only displayed, if an application is defined in the corresponding field (button 1 to 4).

Fabasoft Folio offers the following predefined application for the configuration of Mozilla Thunderbird buttons:

Capture (FSCVENV@1.1001:UploadFileFromThunderbirdApp)

Object address: COO.1.1001.1.88194

This application provides the possibility to import an e-mail into the Fabasoft product environment. The e-mail is stored on the user’s desk.