2020 Update Rollup 3

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Following rules apply to the evaluation which help texts should be displayed.

Online help

  • Online help files (CHM, ZIP files) are displayed for the software component referenced in the vApp configuration and all software components defined in the More Help hierarchy (see step ).

Context sensitive help

  • Context sensitive help for a property is displayed, if the software component referenced in the vApp configuration provides an explanation text.
  • If no explanation text is provided by the referenced software component, the More Help hierarchy is used to find an explanation text for the property.
  • If no explanation text can be found in the More Help hierarchy, the explanation text belonging to the same software component as the property is displayed.
  • Otherwise no explanation text is displayed for the property.

To define a software component in the vApp configuration, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the current domain (“Domain Administration” > “Object List” > “Domain Objects”). Edit the current domain object and click the “Components Configuration” tab. In the Virtual Application Configuration the used vApp configuration can be found. If the field is empty, select the FSCVAPP@1.1001:DefaultConfig.
  2. Edit the properties of the vApp configuration. On the “Settings” tab in the Component for Help field the software component for the online help must be specified. In this example use XYHelp, the software component created to provide help content.
    Note: Use the software component FSCVAPP@1.1001 as prerequisite and extended component in the XYHelp software component. Otherwise this setting will be lost in case of an update.
  3. (optional) It is possible to create a hierarchical structure of software components that provide help content. Edit the properties of the XYHelp software component. On the “Online Help” tab in the More Help field another software component for help can be used. This software component is considered as more general, that means that context sensitive content of that software component can be overwritten.