2024 Update Rollup 1

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A backup directory can be configured for online and offline backups. Both are based on a daily directory structure. An online backup directory configured via the properties Backup Directory on Server (Online) (COOSYSTEM@1.1:dareabackupdir) or Path to Backup Directory on Server (Online) (COOSYSTEM@1.1:dareabackupremdir) means that contents will be backed up in the directory during normal operations. Additionally, this kind of backup directory can also be synchronized with the configured area paths. On the other hand, an offline backup directory configured via the property Path to Backup Directory on Server (Offline) (COOSYSTEM@1.1:dareaofflinebackupremdir) will not be used during normal operations. This backup directory will only be used for manual backup tasks.

When using the options synctobackup or syncfrombackup of the action Cleanup Content Areas in the tool fscadmin, the configured area paths can be synchronized with the backup directory. Using the option cleanupbackup, a cleanup of the backup directory can be started. The cleanup is based on file system operations meaning that each file in the backup directory which is no longer available in one of the configured area paths will be deleted. cleanupbackup only makes sense when the operation is executed after removing unreferenced files on the configured area paths using the action cleanup.

Using the option offlinebackup with synctobackup, syncfrombackup, or cleanupbackup means that the configured offline backup directory is used for the specified operation instead of the online backup directory.


  • The synchronization using synctobackup or syncfrombackup is based on the log files written in the directory logs of the configured directory.
  • A content will not be written to the daily backup directory when the content already exists in the single instance areas.
  • Changing the MMC area configuration requires the execution of “Synchronize Registry Entries”.

Delayed Backup Directory CleanupPermanent link for this heading

The tool cleanbackup removes files from the backup directory by using the deletion log generated during cleaning up an MMC Area. This tool takes the parameters root, which specifies the path of the backup directory to be cleaned up and days to define the minimum number of passed days since the deletion of a file in the MMC Area for deleting it in the backup directory, too.


  • If a cleanup with fscadmin has already been run once and no CAS deletion logs exist, a verbose cleanupbackup dry-run needs to be performed with fscadmin. The date range should be until yesterday. This output of fscadmin needs to be converted to deletion logs using the tool logtohashlog. The generated deletion logs need to be placed in logs/casdeletion in the associated backup directory.
  • The backup can be spread across multiple paths. In this case, Path to Backup Directory on Server (Online) (COOSYSTEM@1.1:dareabackupremdir) represents the active backup path containing most recent backup data. Old backup data can be moved to other paths that are not configured in Fabasoft Folio. In this scenario, cleanbackup must be run for all paths. As CAS deletion logs are only copied to the active backup path, logs in logs/casdeletion must be copied to all other paths before executing cleanbackup for the active backup path. To override the path to logs/casdeletion the option -casdeletion <path> can be used.
  • On Linux systems cleanbackup also deletes immutable files if run as root.