2024 Update Rollup 1

Cleaning a CAS AreaPermanent link for this heading

Changes the content of an existing Fabasoft Folio object, a new hash value is calculated and stored for the modified content. But the previous content is not deleted. To delete content files, which are not in use, call the action “Cleanup Content Areas” via the tool fscadmin. All content with hash values that are not referenced by a Fabasoft Folio object are deleted through this operation.

Fabasoft Folio Kernel reads all referenced hash values from the database (from all Fabasoft Folio COO Services) during cleaning the Fabasoft Folio MMC Areas and compares this set of values with existing filenames in the file system. File names which are not included in the set of hash values are not in use anymore and are deleted during cleanup.

Only all-lowercase CAS paths are expected for cleanup. At the first CAS level only CAS directories are considered. At the second and third CAS level only directories are considered. At the fourth CAS level only files are considered. For unexpected paths a warning is written to the log. To fix the “Skip uppercase directory” warning the directory has to be renamed to all-lowercase.

Files getting deleted are logged in the corresponding MMC Areas and backup directories. These logs are saved in logs/casdeletion.
If the option --casdeletion <path> is passed to fscadmin, the deletion logs are additionally stored at <path>.

Attention: Before cleaning a CAS area, a state-of-the-art backup is absolutely necessary.


  • The cleaning process needs, dependent on the extent of a Fabasoft Folio MMC Area, long time and should be planned accordingly. To restrict the cleaning process to specific directories of the MMC Area, the option casrange (e.g. --casrange 00-3f) can be used.
  • To make successful cleaning possible, all Fabasoft Folio COO Services have to be available (important to run the query successfully).
  • Content of objects that are located in inactive services are deleted, too.