2024 Update Rollup 1

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The chosen storage type for content files is set in the Fabasoft Folio MMC Areas in the corresponding Fabasoft Folio MMC Service object. It is not possible to change the storage type later on. To change the storage from “One Directory per Day (Change Date)” to “Content Addressed Storage (CAS)“ (or vice versa) the old Fabasoft Folio MMC Area has to be closed and a new one has to be created.

With the content addressed storage technology of the Fabasoft Folio MMC Services it is possible that several Fabasoft Folio MMC Services are using the same data pool. Thus, content managed by several Fabasoft Folio MMC Services is only stored once. Otherwise several Fabasoft Folio MMC Services may use different CAS areas (e.g. each Fabasoft Folio Tenant has an own CAS area)