2024 Update Rollup 1

Hash Value and Filing StructurePermanent link for this heading

A hash value serves as base for the path of the respective content. Therefore, an MD5 hash value is calculated out of the content (MD5: 128 bit = 16 bytes = 32 signs (hexadecimal)). An MD5 hash value is a compromise between uniqueness and performance.

Two characters of the hash value act as directory. Dependent on the hash value, altogether three directories are created. Therefore, up to 256 directories on one level may be created.

The hash value, a random number (that is computed at the first writing of the content) and the file extension (in this example “txt”) represent the filename. If the same two content files have different file extensions only one file is stored in the Fabasoft Folio MMC Area with the file extension of the first file.

Fabasoft Folio Kernel stores the hash values, which belong to certain content files in the aggregate COOSYSTEM@1.1:objlogcontmap.