2021 Update Rollup 2

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The use of cross-domain license check is possible from an installation of two Fabasoft Folio domains. Thereby one of the Fabasoft Folio domains in which the license for all registered users and hardware units is imported is used as main domain. The license check for all further Fabasoft Folio domains and any existing clients is done via this main domain.

In the main domain at least one Fabasoft Folio web service has to be available.

All Fabasoft Folio users within the network of the cross-domain license check must also be created in the main domain as a User.

In the other Fabasoft Folio domains for the Microsoft Windows user account under which the Fabasoft Folio web services are running Trust this user for delegation to any service (Kerberos only) must be selected. The authentication has to be done via Kerberos.

The cross-domain license check is only available for a Microsoft Windows system environment.