2024 Update Rollup 1

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Forms (COOATTREDIT@1.1:ObjectEditForm and COOATTREDIT@1.1:ObjectDeskForm) are used to divide properties on multiple tabs (dataset) and to align properties on these tabs (layout).

Which form is used is specified in the object class, in which different criteria are used, for example the applicable action (e.g. to distinguish forms for reading and forms for editing), the seeking authorization (to set the user group for the form) and other conditions, with which the usability of a form can be effected.

In compiling the form pages (tabs) it is possible to use the object class hierarchy. On the one hand in a form can be defined to take the form of the basic classes into account (Display Inherited Pages - COOATTREDIT@1.1:forminheritance). On the other hand it is possible that the form system is creating automatically generated form pages for properties of an object class (Generic View - COOATTREDIT@1.1:formgeneric).

The behavior of how the automatically generated pages (generic pages) are created has changed in Fabasoft Folio 2010 Spring Release compared to previous releases. There is a new property Generic View for Derived Classes (COOATTREDIT@1.1:formgenericderived).

Before Fabasoft Folio 2010 Spring Release, generic pages were created when no form was found in an object class. From Fabasoft Folio 2010 Spring Release a form is determined on the basis of the object class hierarchy in all cases. This form will then determine which pages are being added generically.

In this document is explained how generic pages are created.