2024 Update Rollup 1

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A friendly URL allows easy access to methods of web resources. It consists of the standard Fabasoft Folio Web Service URL, followed by a defined string. Required parameters follow divided by a slash.

Example: http://fscwebserver/fsc/rename/COO.1.506.2.5/newname

This example changes the object name of the object with the given object address to “newname”. The implementation of this sample is described in the following chapters.

A more sophisticated example would be a HTTP client, which sends an RTF document to the friendly URL convert to convert it to a defined target format.

Example: http://fscwebserver/fsc/convert/rtf/pdf

In this example rtf is used as the source format and pdf as the target format of the conversion. The result of the conversion is transmitted back in the HTTP body of the HTTP response.