2024 Update Rollup 1

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To log an event to an object’s history, the action Log an event to objects history (FSCFOLIO@1.1001:LogHistoryEvent) has to be called on the object, on which the event occurs (e.g. when renaming an object).

The following parameters can be defined:

  • type
    The event type for which the event should be logged.
  • event
    An object to be passed for the <~histevent~> placeholder.
  • description, unused
    Deprecated parameters.
  • user
    The user who triggered the event.
  • group, position, substuser
    The group, position and substitution information of the user who triggered the event.
  • docstate
    A document state, which can be passed in case a document state has changed.
  • args
    A Fabasoft app.ducx expression returning a string list of any additional information.