2024 Update Rollup 1

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To perform an unattended installation use the command line. In a Microsoft Windows environment run unattended.exe in the root directory of the Fabasoft product DVD. In a Linux environment run ./setup.sh fsc_unattended=yes in the root directory of the Fabasoft product DVD. The setup settings are defined via parameters (see chapter “Parameters”).

Note:fsc_feature parameters not defined are set to True (Microsoft Windows environment) or on (Linux environment) per default, whereas the other parameters are not set.


unattended.exe fsc_license="License.coo" fsc_oneaccount_username=Administrator fsc_oneaccount_password=secret fsc_agreement=accept fsc_feature_conversionservice=False fsc_feature_atservice=False fsc_feature_omservice=False fsc_feature_mbintegration=False fsc_feature_iarchive=False fsc_feature_iarchivelink=False fsc_feature_ducx=False fsc_feature_addon=False

In this example several fsc_feature parameters are set to False, except the parameters of the Fabasoft Folio Kernel, the Fabasoft Folio Backend Service, the Fabasoft Folio Web Service and the Fabasoft Folio Management console. These parameters are not defined and therefore set to True.

At the end of an unattended installation information about the installation is displayed in the console. In both cases, if the installation was successful or if an error occurred, a link to a log file is provided.