2024 Update Rollup 1

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To use applications without a client side stub, the following settings are necessary:

  • On the “Hints” tab of an application view an entry with the “Show Simple Mode” hint is required, which applies to the view.
  • On the “Branches” tab of an application view a branch is required, which calls the FSCVENV@1.1001:ExportApp application and applies to the view. In the Hints field the “Hyperlink” entry has to be selected.
  • On the “User Interface” tab of an application view the control has to be selected, using the UseStub=false parameter in the Argument 2 field.
    Note: The COOATTREDIT@1.1:CTRLCont control is used for object lists, the COOATTREDIT@1.1:CTRLBase control is used for content properties and the COOATTREDIT@1.1:CTRLPict control is used for Images.