2024 Update Rollup 1

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  • Init()
    Set some member variables. Usually the function RequestableControlInit can be used. The most important variables are:
    • data
      The object containing the data from server.
    • id
      The ID of the control.
  • portlet
    See chapter “Portlet Object”.
  • Render(output)
    Writes the HTML of the control into the output object and potentially adds events to the portlet object (see chapter “Events”).
  • GetFscArgs()
    Defines the arguments e.g. needed to show a context menu.


function ajaxMyControl()

this.Init = RequestableControlInit;

this.Render = function MyControlRender(output)

portletid = this.portlet.GetId();
output.Push("<div id=\"MyControlContainer"+this.id+portletid+
      "\" class=\"

this.GetFscArgs = function MyControlGetFscArgs()

    if (
this.fscargs === undefined) {
      var container =
this.fscargs = new VAPPArgs(null, ";"+this.portlet.GetObject()+";;"+
this.data.GetAttrdef()+";"+this.data.GetFscargs(), this, container);