2024 Update Rollup 1

Portlet ObjectPermanent link for this heading

Within a control object the portlet object is stored in a member variable called this.portlet.

General informationPermanent link for this heading

The portlet object contains some information about the current application.

  • this.portlet.GetId()
    Returns the ID of the portlet object. Each ID in the HTML should end with the portlet ID to ensure that it is unique on the page.
  • this.portlet.GetObject()
    Returns the COO address of the current object.
  • this.portlet.GetObjClass()
    Returns the COO address of the object class of the current object.
  • this.portlet.IsSingleControl()
    Returns true if the portlet contains only one control.
  • this.portlet.GetView()
    If the portlet contains only one control, this function returns the COO address of the attribute.

EventsPermanent link for this heading

The following events are managed by the portlet object:

    Is triggered after the HTML of the portlet is completely rendered.
    Is triggered if the size of the portlet has changed, e.g. by resizing the web browser.
    Is triggered before handling the response of a request.
    Is triggered before removing the portlet, e.g. when closing an overlay dialog.

To add an event you have to call this.portlet.AddLocalEvent(ident, callbackfunction). this of the callback function is the portlet object.


var id = this.id;
this.portlet.AddLocalEvent(FSCEVT.LOAD, function() {
elem =  

elem.style.backgroundColor = "blue";

LayoutPermanent link for this heading

If your control is the only one in the portlet and you want it to use all available space and resize automatically you can do this by calling the following code in the render function.

if (this.portlet.IsSingleControl()) {

this.portlet.SetResizeArea expects the ID (excluding the portlet ID) of the HTML element which should be resized as parameter.

<div id="MyControlContainer0_01234" class="FscMyControl">
  <!-- control html -->


The CSS class of the resize container could look like this: