2024 Update Rollup 1

Downloading Calendars and Calendar Entries as ICS FilesPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Integration for CalDAV provides a friendly URL which allows downloading calendars or calendar entries as files compliant to the iCS format to be opened with Microsoft Office Outlook for instance. Therefore a URL with the following pattern can be used:
<Fabasoft Folio Web Service URL>/ics/<object address>/<download name>
(e.g. https://folio.fabasoft.com/folio/ics/COO.1.1530.1.1012266/EventTitle.ics)

  • Fabasoft Web Service URL
    Specifies the URL to the Fabasoft Folio Web Service.
  • Object Address
    Specifies the Fabasoft Folio object address of the calendar, event entry or task object.
  • Download Name
    This optional parameter will be recognized from the web browser as the file name of the ICS file.

To perform this action it as also possible to use the context menu action Download ICS File, which can be executed on calendars, event entries and tasks.

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