2024 Update Rollup 1

Configuration of an Automated TaskPermanent link for this heading

If the Fabasoft Folio AT Services was denoted on the “Review Configuration” tab of the setup during the installation of the Fabasoft Integration for Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise, an automated task for indexing is created automatically.

To create an automated task manually, do the following:

  1. In the “Domain Administration”, under “User Objects”, click the “List of Automated Tasks” tab.
  2. Create a new “Automated Task” and edit the properties.
  3. In the Tasks field, create a new “Automated Task” and edit the properties.
  4. Add in the Object field your Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise indexing service and in the Action field the action “COOSYSTEM@1.1:BuildIndex”.
    Example of an automated task for indexing:
  5. Click “Next“ to save the configuration.

Note: If the “Automated Task“ has been created during the setup, it is disabled by default and can be changed to the state “Waiting“ to activate the “Automated Task”.