2024 Update Rollup 1

Indexing PerformancePermanent link for this heading

The indexing duration is highly dependent on the number of objects which should be processed. Therefore, the workload can be chunked and divided by the number of threads using the indexing service configuration. However, as the loading of the objects from the COO service has a major impact on the overall performance, this part of the indexing can be tuned using the following environment variables. For details about how to set these please refer to the white paper “Fabasoft Folio Environment Variables”.

    If enabled (default), the objects are loaded using LoadAllAttributes. Otherwise the objects are loaded without the property COOSYSTEM@1.1:objversions.
    The number of threads, which are used for loading the objects. Please consider the COO service load and worker threads when raising this value. By default, only one thread is used.
    The maximum number of objects, which are loaded in the background while processing the current chunk. Its granularity is the chunk size divided by the number of load threads. By default, one chunk is preloaded in the background. As preloading objects highly affects the memory usage, please consider limiting the kernel object cache size using the variable CACHESIZE.