2024 Update Rollup 1

Fabasoft Folio Web Client InstrumentationPermanent link for this heading

For end-to-end telemetry the following Fabasoft app.telemetry components have to be installed on the Fabasoft Folio Web Servers:

  • Fabasoft app.telemetry Agent
  • Fabasoft app.telemetry Software-Telemetry Web Service
  • Under Linux the Fabasoft Folio web service configuration (e.g. /etc/fabasoft/web/WebService_100.conf) has to be adapted. Add following line:
    LoadModule softwaretelemetryweb_module /opt/app.telemetry/softwaretelemetryweb/softwaretelemetryweb.so

Current DomainPermanent link for this heading

In the Current Domain object, on the “System Configuration” tab set Enable Fabasoft app.telemetry on Clients to “Yes” to enable the client instrumentation.

In the Fabasoft app.telemetry Web Server URL field enter ”../tmp/web.telemetry”.

User EnvironmentPermanent link for this heading

Initially the property Enable Fabasoft app.telemetry on Clients of each user environment is “Undefined” and the setting of the Current Domain is inherited. In order to explicitly enable or disable the client instrumentation set Enable Fabasoft app.telemetry on Clients to “Yes” or “No”.

Best Practice: To initially activate end-to-end telemetry set Enable Fabasoft app.telemetry on Clients in the Current Domain object to “Yes” and set the property for all user environments to “No”. Enable the end-to-end telemetry in the user environment of one administrative or test user. After the successful configuration of log definitions (see chapter “Log Definitions”), set all user environments to “Undefined” or the desired setting.

Note: It is essential to run initial requests with Enable Fabasoft app.telemetry on Clients setting set to “Yes” to register end-to-end telemetry with Fabasoft app.telemetry.