2024 Update Rollup 1

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Fabasoft Folio provides a support button that can be used to submit a request or feedback. The feedbacks are sent to the Fabasoft app.telemetry server and can be managed in the inbox.

The feedback form itself can be configured in Fabasoft app.telemetry.

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To be able to use the support button, end-to-end telemetry has to be configured. Follow the configuration steps as described in chapter “Fabasoft Folio Web Client Instrumentation”.

In addition, set the property Display Support Button of each desired user environment to “Yes”. The property can be found on the “Advanced” tab.

As result, the support button is displayed for the configured users in the navigation bar on the right side.

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It is assumed that a log pool for end-to-end telemetry is already configured.

To enable the support button, a form has to be assigned to the log pool:

  1. In the configuration of the Fabasoft app.telemetry server, create a new form under “Forms Log Pool”.
  2. Design the feedback form that should be displayed to the users and save it.
  3. In the context menu of the saved form, click “Set as Default Form” and select the corresponding log pool.

The feedbacks of the users will be stored in the inbox.