2017 R1 Update Rollup 2

Integration of Kofax Capture into Fabasoft FolioPermanent link for this heading

Installation of the MSI PackagePermanent link for this heading

The following MSI package has to be installed on the client:


Note: The MSI package can also be found on the web server:
http://<computername>/<virtual directory>/fscasp/content/lib/FolioClientKofax.msi

The fscvrl.inf (the export connector), fscvrl_fsc.inf (legacy export connector) and the fscvrl.dll file are copied into the Fabasoft\Folio\WebClient directory.

Note: The legacy “Fabasoft Components” export connector fscvrl_fsc.inf can be used for existing batch classes that reference this connector.

Installation of Kofax Capture Export ConnectorPermanent link for this heading

In the administration tool of Kofax Capture the export connector can be installed, therefore perform the following steps:

  1. Execute the command “Start” > “All Programs” > “Kofax Capture 10.0” > “Administration”.
  2. On the “Tools” tab click “Export Connectors”.
  3. In the following dialog select the “Database Export Connector” entry and click “Add”.
  4. Navigate to the fscvrl.inf file in the Fabasoft\Folio\WebClient directory and click “Open”.
  5. The “Add Export Connectors” dialog is opened. Select “Fabasoft Folio” and click “Install”.
  6. The successful registration is viewed in a dialog box. Click “OK” and close the “Add Export Connectors” dialog.

The Fabasoft Folio export connector has been added to the “Export Connector Manager”.

The essential installation steps for the integration of Kofax Capture into Fabasoft Folio are finished.

The following chapters show possible applications for the use of this integration.