2017 R1 Update Rollup 2

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Up to four import buttons can be defined. When such a button is clicked, a Fabasoft Folio virtual application is opened, and the document is passed as parameter. The import buttons are only functional, if the document has been saved at least once. If the document is opened from Fabasoft Folio, the import buttons are not visible.

Note: In Microsoft Outlook the buttons can be found on the “File” tab of an opened e-mail. There are also entries in the context menu of an e-mail or attachment.

To configure which virtual application is executed when clicking a button, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the properties of the desired Virtual Application Configuration.
  2. On the “Interaction With Third-Party Application” tab create a new entry in the Import of Objects from Third-Party Applications field.
  3. In the Source field select “Microsoft Office (Document or Message)”.
  4. In the Use Case fields select the applications that should be executed when clicking the corresponding button.

    Note: The button is only displayed, if an application is defined in the corresponding field (button 1 to 4).

Fabasoft Folio offers the following predefined application for the configuration of Microsoft Office buttons: FSCVENV@1.1001:UploadFileFromOfficeApp. This application provides the possibility to import a document in Fabasoft Folio. The document is stored on the user’s desk.


  • The defined applications are used for all Microsoft Office products. To be able to distinguish between the Office products within the virtual application the URL parameters venv_program and venv_appversion are provided. The value of venv_program can be: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint or Word. venv_appversion contains the version like
  • The defined settings are synchronized automatically to the Microsoft Windows Registry on the client, when connecting to the Fabasoft Folio Domain with the Fabasoft Folio Web Client. The entries with FSCVAPP@1.1001:importsource==31 are written into following key: