2024 Update Rollup 1

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The ribbon button functionality is now integrated into the ribbon of the respective Office product. In case of an existing configuration, the respective Office application has an additional tab where all configured buttons and menus are displayed. When such a button is clicked, a Fabasoft Folio virtual application is opened. A ribbon is divided into two categories “Third-Party Controls for Objects” and “Third-Party Controls for External Items”. In the category "Third-Party Controls for Objects" you can differentiate whether an object can be opened (this category is always available) or whether an existing Fabasoft Folio object has been opened. The second category “Third-Party Controls for External Items” is only available if the document in question is not a Fabasoft Folio object.

Note: In Microsoft Outlook there is only the “Third-Party Controls for External Items” category available.

To configure which buttons are available you have to configure the following customization points CPThirdPartyControlsObject or the CPThirdPartyControlsExternal as described in the “Predefined Customization Points” white paper.