2024 Update Rollup 1

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Fabasoft Folio offers the following action for the configuration of Novell GroupWise buttons:

Import message from Novell GroupWise (FSCGROUPWISE@1.1:ImportGroupWiseMail)

Object address: COO.

This action provides the possibility to assign an e-mail to an existing business case.

For the use of this action only the following registry entries need to be specified:



CALLURL=http://<computername>/<virtual directory>/fscdav/CALL?ACTION=COO.

RETURNURLBASE=http://<computername>/<virtual directory>/fscasp/content/bin/fscvext.dll?

It is possible to specify own actions for each button. In this case make sure that the parameters CALLFORMAT and CALLMODE are set correctly so that the passed object can be processed by the respective action.