2024 Update Rollup 1

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The following file types are defined in the Fabasoft Folio SELinux Policy:

  • fsc_archive_t
    File type for iArchive file system support, required for accessing archiving systems via mounted file systems.
  • fsc_coost_dtmlog_t
    File type for COO service DTM log locations, required for accessing DTM log data via mounted file systems.
  • fsc_mmcst_area_t
    File type for MMC service area locations, required for accessing area data via mounted file systems.
  • fsc_etc_krb5_keytab_t
    File type for Kerberos key table file in case of Kerberos authentication, located at /etc/fabasoft/krb5.keytab.
  • fsc_tls_t
    File type for the directory containing key and trust files for SSL/TLS for Fabasoft services.