2024 Update Rollup 1

Fabasoft Folio Distributed Transaction ManagerPermanent link for this heading

Using a cluster, the log files for each Fabasoft Folio COO Service have to be available on an appropriate cluster resource (Fabasoft Folio Distributed Transaction Manager log files may exist only once).

When changing the path to the log files of the Fabasoft Folio Distributed Transaction Manager, the existing logs files have to be moved to the new directory in order to ensure that all transactions are handled correctly.

By default the log files are stored in this directory:


To change the location a registry key has to be defined:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fabasoft\Fabasoft Components Server\Domain <x.y>\Service <z>\Datasource\Default\FSCDTM_TXLOG_PATH

To apply changes the modified Fabasoft Folio COO Service has to be restarted.