2017 R1 Update Rollup 2

Client ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

Installation of SAP Control Stub on the Client ComputerPermanent link for this heading

On each workstation that uses Fabasoft iArchiveLink the SAP control stub has to be installed.

Installation Prerequisites as described in chapter “Software Requirements”:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

To install the stub, type the following URL in the web browser: http://<fscserver>/<fscvdir>/fscasp/content/lib/FolioClientSAP.msi or execute Setup\ComponentsWeb\Client\FolioClientSAP.msi from the Fabasoft installation media.

Configuration of the Fabasoft Search DialogPermanent link for this heading

The window size of the Fabasoft search dialog can be configured using the following registry settings:


DialogOptions is a string value. The options dialogWidth and dialogHeight define the size of the Fabasoft search dialog.