2023 Update Rollup 2

Importing CertificatesPermanent link for this heading

To import a generated certificate (see chapter "Content Repository") open a command shell on the server the Fabasoft iArchiveLink Services are executed and perform the following steps:

  1. Change to the Fabasoft iArchiveLink installation directory (e.g.: C:\program files\Fabasoft\Components\iArchiveLink (Microsoft Windows) or /opt/fabasoft/bin/ (Linux)).
    Note: On Linux platforms run the following commands as fscsrv.
  2. Type fscaradmDumpPutCert to display the content of the certificate that was sent by SAP.
  3. Type fscaradmAcceptCert "<Subject>" (e.g.: fscaradmAcceptCert "CN=ID3") to use this certificate.
  4. Type fscaradmDumpUseCert to display the content of the certificate that is in use.

Note: If one Fabasoft iArchiveLink Service should connect to several SAP systems it is mandatory that each certificate has a unique common name.