2024 Update Rollup 1

Upgrade Steps for Fabasoft Folio 2016 and LowerPermanent link for this heading

If you want to upgrade Fabasoft Folio version 2016 and lower to Folio 2017 and later you have to perform the following steps before executing the setup:

  1. Save the settings of the SAP configuration that is configured in the domain.
  2. Open a command shell.
  3. Change to the Fabasoft iArchiveLink installation directory (e.g.: C:\Program Files\Fabasoft\Components\iArchiveLink.
  4. Type fscaradm -UnregServer.
  5. Uninstall iArchiveLink with the executable (C:\Program Files\Fabasoft\Components\iArchiveLink)
  6. Execute the Folio setup and update existing components.
  7. Execute the Folio setup and install iArchiveLink.
  8. Import certificates (see chapter “Importing Certificates”).
  9. Edit the SAP configuration of your domain.