2024 Update Rollup 1

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The home screen is your starting point to the Fabasoft App. You find a number of widgets and dashboards most of which are identical to the ones in the web client.

You can change the view of the home screen by tapping “Change View” in the title bar. You can choose between a card view or a list view.

The following widgets are initially available to you, depending on the licensed Fabasoft Edition and the configuration of your organization:

Personal Folder:

  • Stores Teamrooms and other objects that are important for you.

Organization Folder:

  • Contains all standard Teamrooms of your organizations in which you are authorized.

Teamrooms Shared With Me:

  • Contains all Teamrooms in which you are authorized as a team member. Teamrooms that you have created yourself are excluded from this list. For a better overview, the list is structured by date.


  • Displays objects that you need repeatedly.


  • Displays all activities that are to be completed, listed for individual users in the form of a “To Do” list.


  • Displays the search portal.


  • Contains your follow-ups that fall within the period you defined.

Other Dashboards:

  • Apps that offer their own dashboards are also displayed directly on “Home”.


  • The logo in the top right corner of the navigation menu is a shortcut to go back to “Home”.
  • On tablets, the logo at the bottom of the action panel is a shortcut to go back to “Home”.
  • In contrast to the web client, the widgets “Worklist”, “Favorites” and “Search” are shortcuts to the respective entries in the navigation menu.
  • On Android the list view on home does not support swipe actions.