2024 Update Rollup 1

Synchronizing and Offline ModePermanent link for this heading

You can synchronize objects to your device and use them offline.

Synchronizing an ObjectPermanent link for this heading

By using the “Synchronize” action in Teamrooms or folders, you synchronize (i.e. copy) these objects, including their children, to your device so that they are made available offline.

Synchronizing one or multiple folders or Teamrooms may take some time, depending upon the number of objects and the size of the documents that need to be transferred to your device. Hence, a “Synchronization” dialog indicates the number of files and directories as well as the estimated size of the documents. If you agree to synchronize this amount of data, tap the “Start” button. Afterwards, a progress of the synchronization job is displayed in the “Data Transfers” section that can be accessed via the navigation menu. Tap the progress bar to open a detailed dialog for this synchronization job.

You can also cancel the job, either in the “Synchronization” dialog or via the “Cancel” button displayed when swiping from right to left on the progress list entry.

The synchronized objects can be accessed via the “Synchronization” list which can be found in the navigation menu. You can access the objects in these folders via the “Synchronization” list. To remove an entry from the list, tap the “Do not Synchronize” button which appears when you swipe from the right to left on said entry.


  • During synchronization on iOS devices, the Fabasoft App must remain active in the foreground. Apple iOS does not support synchronization processes in background jobs.
  • On Android devices, synchronization jobs are permitted in the background, so you can use other apps in the meantime.
  • When synchronizing large amounts of data
    • connect your device to the power supply.
    • an iOS device does not go into stand-by-mode.
      • keep your device in a safe place.
      • it is advisable to reduce screen brightness in order to protect the screen of your device from burn-in (image retention).
  • If there are errors during the synchronization process, the app will retry downloading the data three more times at the end of the job.

These synchronized objects are also checked for updates on a regular basis.

Working OfflinePermanent link for this heading

If you want to work offline, switch to “Offline Mode” via the action in the navigation menu. In “Offline Mode”, there is no network access. Only previously synchronized data that is stored locally on your device is available.

Since there is no connection to the server, only a limited number of actions can be executed. For example, you can:

  • Browse and view your folders and documents.
  • Open documents in other apps.
  • Add files from your device to existing folders and Teamrooms.
  • Add objects to your favorites list.
  • Copy and send links to objects.

Some important restrictions of the “Offline Mode” are:

  • When searching for objects, only cached metadata can be searched. There is not full text search with Mindbreeze available.
  • You cannot access your worklist.
  • You do not need to log in to your backend system in “Offline Mode” since you do not have access to the authentication service. Therefore, it is important to protect the access your data via the application passcode.

Note: The Fabasoft App can also handle a temporary loss of the network connection. In this case, only cached data is presented until a proper server connection can be re-established. Use “Offline Mode” in combination with your synchronized data if you have planned for periods of offline work. Only “Offline Mode” ensures that all your data is available on your device.