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  • Domain Workflow Preferences can now also be defined for a tenant. The evaluation chain is now: user environment, user, group, tenant and workflow configuration.
  • In the workflow configuration, on the “Activities” tab the Delete Activities from the Worklist field is provided. In this field, you can define who is allowed to delete activities (with state “Waiting for Submission”, “Startable”, “Started”, “Waiting for External Synchronization” and “Suspended”) in running processes.
  • The Fabasoft Folio RPM packages are signed using a GPG key ( This signature can be verified to ensure that the packages have not been compromised.
    For more information see the white paper “Fabasoft on Linux - Installation of Fabasoft Folio Services”.
  • In der vApp-Konfiguration kann auf der Registerkarte „Web-Service-Sicherheit“ im Feld X-XSS-Protection Header der gewünschte Wert („0“, „1“, „1; mode=block“ oder „1; report=<reporting-URI>“) festgelegt werden.
  • A script with the comment LANGUAGE="JavaScript" in the first line now uses the ADE-KJS JavaScript engine on Microsoft Windows and Linux. In earlier versions, the Windows JavaScript engine was used in this case on Microsoft Windows. To achieve the old behavior, the comment LANGUAGE="JScript" can be used.