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As an administrator you can expect the following new features.

  • Licensed apps can be defined for a group (“Apps” tab) in order to make them available to the users of the group. Alternatively, licensed apps can now be defined in the primary domain or tenant (“Apps” tab) in order to make a license available to the associated users.
  • The Disable ForceAuthn for Permanent Login Pairing Requests property that can be found on the “Authentication” tab of the virtual application configuration defines whether the ForceAuthn attribute is set on SAML requests for permanent login pairing requests. If the ForceAuthn attribute is disabled, the IdP should use other means to ensure these requests need user interaction for the authentication to prevent XSS attack vectors targeting the permanent login.
    This property should only be set if required for compatibility with an IdP that does not support ForceAuthn.
  • In the virtual application configuration, on the “Settings” tab, in the Maximum Number of Elements in a List for Synchronization on Client and Maximum Number of Elements in a List for Client Export fields, the number of elements above which an error is returned can be defined.
  • When accessing object lists via CMIS, an error is returned if the list contains more than 10000 objects. It is recommended to use paging (maxItems parameter), that allows retrieving more than 10000 objects.

    When the aspect parameter is used, the estimated number of objects is returned in the fsc:estimatedNumItems element. When no aspect parameter is used, the exact number of objects is available in the cmisra:numItems element.
  • If the Fabasoft Folio Client has been rolled out via the software center and has been automatically updated, the product can still be uninstalled using the uninstall.ps1 PowerShell script located in the installation directory.
  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Extensions
    If the ExtensionInstallForceList or the ExtensionSettings policy is rolled out centrally in JSON format, no automatic registration and configuration of the web browser extensions takes place via the Fabasoft Folio Client setup. This is because the modified JSON string would be overwritten by the central deployment tool.
  • The Fabasoft Folio Client considers the PAC file (Proxy Auto Config) provided via http://wpad/wpad.dat (WPAD) for automatic proxy configuration.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 is now supported. Note that the Fabasoft Folio Client is based on native messaging technology and therefore only works in web browsers that are not installed via Snap. Since Mozilla Firefox is pre-installed on Ubuntu using Snap, it must be removed and installed as a classic DEB package.