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As an administrator, you can expect the following new features:

  • Push notifications from Fabasoft Folio can be delivered via the Fabasoft Cloud. The configuration of the push notification service is described in the administration help.
  • The Force Open E-Mail Links With the Fabasoft App option (current domain or tenant > “System Configuration” tab) defines whether e-mail links are always opened with the Fabasoft App (if Open E-Mail Links With the Fabasoft App (iOS) or Open E-Mail Links With the Fabasoft App (Android) is enabled).
    • iOS: If the app is not installed, an error dialog is displayed. If the user refuses to open a link once, e-mail links will no longer be opened. This can be undone by resetting the Safari data.
    • Android: If the app is not installed, a blank page appears in the web browser.
  • In a database export definition, the user name and password for the target database and for the COO service can be defined in dedicated properties.
  • The vApp proxy configuration is also used for SAML. If a proxy is configured, but the SAML server is only accessible without a proxy, it must be excluded in the NO_PROXY environment variable.
  • The maximum age (seconds) of static resources in <FSCVEXT_VDIR>/fscasp/content/tmp in terms of cache control can be defined in the new environment variable FSCVEXT_STATICMAXAGE.
  • In the conversion configuration, in the Include Markup in Office Conversions field, it can be defined whether markups are considered. If enabled, following settings can be defined in the Balloon Display Setting field: “Show Revisions in Balloons”, “Show All Revisions Inline” and “Show Only Comments and Formatting in Balloons”.
  • Workflow Configuration
    If the property Disable Workflow Security Properties for Substitutes (COOWF@1.1:domaindisableworkflowsubstitutesec) is set to “Yes”, substitutes are prevented from being entered in the object list Substitutes of Users Participating in Workflow.
  • The property Symbol (FSCFOLIO@1.1001:classdocstateicons) of installed object classes (“User Interface” tab) cannot be changed anymore.
  • Instead of the Modifications for Object Class Settings property (COOWF@1.1:classworkflowmods) for object classes, a corresponding property (COOWF@1.1:domainworkflowmods) is now available on the “Others” tab in the workflow configuration.
  • The properties Processes to Initialize, Use Processes to Initialize When Copying Objects, Applicable Processes, and Applicable Activities for Prescriptions of object classes cannot be changed via the user interface anymore.
  • Display actions are not used for determining audit values.
  • Fabasoft Folio Client: The URL is used as ID for telemetry requests.
  • The Fabasoft Folio Client now uses the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime. This has increased the size of the installation package accordingly.