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As a developer, you can expect the following new features:

  • Each thread now requires an explicit call of ICooRuntime::Login since the implicit log-in has been removed. A transaction may only be used by one user (checked by the kernel).
  • CMIS integration
    • The references FSCCMIS@1.1001:addchildattr and FSCCMIS@1.1001:addcontentattr have been changed to FSCCMIS@1.1001:childattr and FSCCMIS@1.1001:contentattr respectively (aliases are available).
    • The properties FSCCMIS@1.1001:getchildrenexpr and FSCCMIS@1.1001:getcontentexpr are obsolete and are no longer evaluated. The properties FSCCMIS@1.1001:contentattr and FSCCMIS@1.1001:childattr can be used instead.
    • The properties FSCCMIS@1.1001:documentmapping and FSCCMIS@1.1001:foldermapping of the CMIS configuration no longer extend the property FSCOWS@1.1001:webfolderincludedclasses of the web service configuration but overwrite it instead. When reading/writing using CMIS calls, the properties from the CMIS configuration are used per object class. If an object class has no mapping in the CMIS configuration, the web service configuration is used.