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As a developer, you can expect the following new features.

  • The default value of the first two ObjectLock parameters (recursive and automaticunlock) is now true. ObjectLock(true, true) is now equal to ObjectLock().
    If the parameters were so far omitted, now the code must be adapted to achieve the previous behavior. Specifically, instead of ObjectLock(), the call ObjectLock(false, false) must now be used.
  • To improve performance, a database index is created by default for the COOSYSTEM@1.1:objexternalkey property.
  • Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint no longer include custom XML that contained field values which were not used in those applications. The CPThirdPartyFieldSupply customization point can be used to restore the previous behavior.
  • In migration scenarios, preserving data versions and associated date and user values of an external system can be useful to provide users with as much context information as possible while working with migrated data. By means of additional version properties and COOSYSTEM@1.1:ObjectFixVersion parameters, external data versions can now be recreated without having to fall back to low-level migration mechanisms only available for system administrators. Details can be found in the COOSYSTEM@1.1:ObjectFixVersion reference documentation.