2020 Update Rollup 3

Fabasoft Folio 2020 Update Rollup 1Permanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2020 Update Rollup 1 contains following changes.

ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2020 Update Rollup 1 contains all hotfixes of Fabasoft Folio 2020 and additional fixes.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • No SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN error is shown when using encrypted communication between the kernel and backend services.
  • An MMC cleanup during an Oracle database cluster failover does not delete still used files.
  • Category attribute constructors and destructors of class attributes are not executed.
  • POI: An error when parsing MSG e-mails was fixed.

Fabasoft Folio Web Client

  • vApps in overlays only provide refresh events within the vApp.
  • Expressions can be inserted in text modules.
  • The tree view is synchronized with the widget navigation in any case.
  • After updating to the current version no useless entries are shown in the tools area.
  • Uploading without the Fabasoft Folio Client considers the tenant.
  • Working with several desks is possible.
  • External activities do not lead to performance impacts on the process editor.
  • The predefined holiday tables have been updated.
  • FSCVENV@1.1001:PreviewAppView: Deleted objects are considered.
  • Long names in widgets are displayed correctly.
  • The “Delegate Multiple” command is available for activities the ignore completion.
  • Multi-instance activities can be resolved even if prescription rules do not allow that an activity is followed by the same activity.
  • Loops in nested subprocesses do not copy the instances instead of the definition.
  • COOWF@1.1:actinstprocdefinition: Errors when copying the object and deleting the current process are avoided.
  • Activities with waiting state can be prescribed in the process editor.
  • The registration backlink is removed when the initial registration is aborted due to cutting the object.
  • FinalizeSetup: httpconnector settings are not appended.
  • Activities on the “Suspended/Pending as Substitute” tab are displayed correctly.

Supported Third-Party ProductsPermanent link for this heading

The following new third-party products or versions are supported. More information can be found in the software product information.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • PostgreSQL 11.7
  • AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK 8 Update 242 (JRE, HotSpot, Microsoft Windows)
  • OpenJDK 8 (JRE, headless, included in the supported operating system)


  • Mozilla Firefox 73.0
  • Google Chrome 80.0
  • Microsoft Edge 80.0

Mobile Clients

  • Apple iOS 13.3