2020 Update Rollup 2

Fabasoft Folio 2020 Update Rollup 2Permanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2020 Update Rollup 2 contains following changes.

ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2020 Update Rollup 2 contains all hotfixes of Fabasoft Folio 2020 Update Rollup 1 and additional fixes.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • The backlink clean-up works consistently.
  • Restoring archived objects works as expected.
  • The error 'No method found for action COOSYSTEM@1.1:IsPatchContentEnabled' has been fixed.
  • The setup upgrade tools work as expected when using TLS 1.2 database connections.
  • A missing definition of GetUUID for kernel interfaces has been added (Linux).
  • A signature can be added to the SAML AuthnRequest.
  • A crash when changing the object class of an object has been fixed.
  • When using the Mindbreeze search, the GetCapabilities request does not need a kernel lock.
  • The Fabasoft Folio Web Services will start also when using the current Linux kernel and SELinux.
  • Currency values are checked to avoid PostgreSQL errors (invalid input syntax for type numeric).
  • The consistency check (ObjectCheck) of groups with subordinate groups does not remove the backlinks of the groups.
  • The XML response of a WebDAV lock error does not contain an invalid XML prolog.
  • The recursion detection in organizational structures has been improved.
  • The conversion service load balancing has been improved.
  • Authenticated serverInfo requests can be handled by Fabasoft iArchiveLink.
  • Liferay Portal: portletdeploy.sh -i works as expected.
  • PDF overviews can also be generated for complex e-mails with attachments.
  • Big PDF overviews can be generated without an out of memory exception.

Fabasoft Folio Web Client

  • The header bar of objects that were opened in a new window has been improved.
  • When changing the role also the desk is considered.
  • A work list with many activities can be scrolled as expected.
  • The change role button is also shown in the search dialog if only one role and one substitution role exist.
  • An endless loop in FSCVAPP@1.1001:CommitRoot has been fixed.
  • The Mindbreeze search considers the role even if the web page is refreshed.
  • The correct version is displayed when comparing contents.
  • A possible endless loop when using FSCVAPP@1.1001:CommitRoot in branches has been fixed.
  • If a Mindbreeze search is terminated unexpectedly, an error message is shown.
  • Reading a content that is opened directly via a URL and that is locked works also in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • When navigating in lists the selection of the last entry works as expected.
  • When resetting a Mindbreeze search the selected restrictions are kept.
  • Whether the header is displayed can be customized.
  • The tree view of "Teamrooms Shared WIth Me" allows moving objects per drag and drop.
  • Workflow notifications are sent even if the user who finishes an activity has no longer access to the object of the process.
  • The deadlines of the following activities when activating a suspended activity are not skipped.
  • Clicking "Refresh" when registering objects does not raise an error.
  • Information about all affected objects of activities and processes are displayed in workflow notification e-mails.
  • Activities that are skipped during substitution are removed from the assigned activities list.
  • The "Edit" action of mail merges opens the document in edit mode even if documents should be opened preferably in read mode.
  • A process can be canceled even if the current activity is a "wait" activity.

Fabasoft Folio Client

  • The template feature is not available for mail merge documents.
  • The Fabasoft app.telemetry log entries have been improved.
  • The time stamps when importing files depend not on the import method.
  • A print menu for documents can be provided.
  • The menu for inserting fields in Microsoft Word has been improved.
  • The Fabasoft Folio Client can be restricted to defined domains.
  • The Microsoft Office Integration allows the customization of the "Save as" symbol.
  • The Microsoft Outlook Integration allows the customization of the pane title.

Supported Third-Party ProductsPermanent link for this heading

The following new third-party products or versions are supported. More information can be found in the software product information.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • Community ENTerprise Operating System 7.8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8
  • PostgreSQL 11.8
  • AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK 8 Update 252 (JRE, HotSpot, Microsoft Windows)
  • OpenJDK 8 (JRE, headless, included in the supported operating system)


  • Mozilla Firefox 77.0
  • Google Chrome 83.0
  • Microsoft Edge 83.0
  • Apple Safari 13.1

Mobile Clients

  • Apple iOS 13.5