2021 Update Rollup 2

Fabasoft Folio 2021 Update Rollup 2Permanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2021 Update Rollup 2 contains following changes.

ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2021 Update Rollup 2 contains all hotfixes of Fabasoft Folio 2021 Update Rollup 1 and additional fixes.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • Setup: When defining the index tablespace for COOSVCx the correct index tablespace is checked.
  • Setup: The minimum Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable version is checked to allow updates.
  • Setup log: fsc_database_sqlserver_password has been added to the list of sensitive keys.
  • A race condition when installing Fabasoft Folio with Mindbreeze integration has been fixed.
  • The error "No such file or directory" during a kernel shutdown has been fixed.
  • HasAttribute also works when the reference parameter is passed as a string.
  • Short references of imported components whose object names are valid simple references are correctly parsed.
  • fscadmin checkconsistency finds missing files in any case.
  • CheckContents: The version information of inconsistent objects is shown, too.
  • It is ensured that the error message "License key invalid" is not shown in case of a valid license key.
  • License checks do not cause high COOSVC1 thread workloads.
  • Dedicated properties for COO service and target database credentials are available in a database export definition.
  • WebDAV: An out of range exception caused by missing error handling/path validation has been fixed.
  • Kernel: A memory leak caused by passing a pointer has been fixed.
  • Certificates are saved correctly.
  • The Mindbreeze integration can be upgraded (Linux).
  • FSCPDFGEN: PDF metadata is stored even if the value is NULL.
  • LibreOffice can be used for the conversion path finalize-xlsx to pdf.
  • The content of image objects can still be replaced after commenting.

Fabasoft Folio Web Client

  • Propagated security settings are removed when the container object is deleted.
  • When leaving the detail view, the form page will not be scrolled to the top even if the form has only one page.
  • Roundtrip of an aggregate member property is triggered when clicking on a branch assigned to the aggregate.
  • No missing lock error is shown when navigating between addressees using the navigation buttons.
  • A dictionary for filtering Mindbreeze search results is available.
  • Mandatory properties in aggregate lists are correctly considered.
  • Nested aggregate lists with simple layout are correctly displayed.
  • It is ensured that the global wastebasket date folders get the correct ACL.
  • The performance of the workflow rights propagation has been improved.
  • It is ensured that activities are not removed when using parallel prescriptions.
  • Inactive users and groups are ignored when evaluating the workflow participants based on organizational unit and position.
  • The name of user environments in Folio installations is not computed to improve the search performance when searching for user environments by name.
  • FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:domainbackgroundusersender and FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:domainbackgrounddefsender can be configured in Folio installations.
  • Children in the property objchildren are not deleted when the container that does not have a room context is deleted.
  • Liferay Portlet: Hyperlink branches in object lists are correctly displayed.
  • Liferay Portlet: The context-sensitive help is correctly displayed.
  • Liferay Portlet: Hyperlink branches are available in object pointer lists.

Fabasoft Folio Client

  • The Outlook e-mail import dialog can be canceled.
  • A specific proxy server for the Fabasoft Folio Client can be defined using a registry key.
  • When importing an e-mail in a constructor form the object will not be committed implicitly.
  • The sender of e-mails is parsed correctly.
  • When importing an e-mail directly in a file, the kind of e-mail import (e.g. only e-mail text) is already considered in the constructor form.
  • If a Word document is edited and a version is created, the preview is saved synchronously and correctly assigned to the version.
  • The Folio Folder is not created automatically without manual user interaction.
  • Config values are deleted from the registry before writing new values to consider removed entries.
  • The proxy handling is adapted to the Edge standard.
  • A specific proxy server for the Fabasoft Folio Client can be defined using a registry key.
  • The app.telemetry API 2021 is used.
  • The state of the Microsoft Office add-ins is available in the telemetry.
  • Client certificate authentication is enabled for all requests.
  • LAN synchronization supports the use of multiple network connections simultaneously.
  • If errors occur during import using copy and paste, folders will not be created instead of documents.
  • Umlauts in e-mails are correctly displayed independent of the encoding.

Supported Third-Party ProductsPermanent link for this heading

The following new third-party products or versions are supported. More information can be found in the software product information.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • PostgreSQL 12.7
  • ExifTool 12.26 (Linux)
  • AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK 8 Update 292 (JRE, HotSpot, Microsoft Windows)
  • OpenJDK 8 (JRE, headless, included in the supported operating system)


  • Mozilla Firefox 90.0
  • Google Chrome 92.0
  • Microsoft Edge 92.0

Mobile Clients

  • Apple iPadOS/iOS 14.7

DiscontinuationPermanent link for this heading

Following functionality is no longer available:

  • The software component Fabasoft Integration for Google Visuals (FSCGOOGLEVISUALS@1.1001) is no longer available.
  • The software component Virtual Map (FSCMAP@1.1001) is no longer available.
  • The software component Folio Integration for Google Maps (FSCFOLIOGMAP@1.1001) is no longer available.