2024 Update Rollup 1

Fabasoft Folio 2024 Update Rollup 1Permanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2024 Update Rollup 1 contains following changes.

ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio 2024 Update Rollup 1 contains all hotfixes of Fabasoft Folio 2024 and additional fixes.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • cooload: The file listing support is used to work around the Windows command line limit.
  • GetEntryStringEx works also on Linux backends as expected.
  • The no longer supported fscmgmt argument --local causing a COO service stop failure has been removed.
  • An issue with blocking distributed transactions has been fixed.
  • The inapplicable error message “Content %u not found for object %s” is not shown when using one directory per day MMC areas.
  • The indexing of many objects does not cause an exceeding memory usage.
  • A web service crash caused by a bus error has been fixed.
  • A segmentation fault caused by an empty web service configuration has been fixed.
  • Reading a version whose subsequent version is archived and has identical COOSYSTEM@1.1:verschangedat and COOSYSTEM@1.1:verssavedat dates works as expected.
  • ObjectFixVersion: Date values are supported as input parameters for migrations.
  • The out-of-memory handling is now the same under Microsoft Windows and Linux.
  • A setup hang caused by fsc_updatelog exceeding the environment variable limit has been fixed.
  • A transport encryption for PostgreSQL connections of the COO service and kernel is available.
  • E-mails with bullet points are correctly converted to PDF.
  • A drop-down menu is used for displaying FSCCONV@1.1001:ignorethroughputcalculation.
  • An error in FSCBAI@1.1001 schemata has been fixed.

Fabasoft Folio Web Client

  • Wrong “&” accelerators have been removed from the translations.
  • Work steps for substitution roles are displayed correctly.
  • An issue when editing properties causing the error “Illegal call to CloseScope: No clone” has been fixed.
  • An invalid attribute or type definition COOSYSTEM@1.1:OBJECTLIST for sys_selobjects in SearchObjectsApp has been fixed.
  • The permissions control has been reworked.
  • A loading/context menu problem with long lists has been fixed.
  • A web browser hang when changing the role has been fixed.
  • Ctrl + A in aggregate lists does not prevent opening the context menu.
  • The accessibility of aggregate lists with simple layout has been improved.
  • In the search portal, sortable properties can be sorted in the search result.
  • Search-based lists can be sorted based on sortable properties.
  • The “Sort” and “View” buttons in the upper right corner are also available in the search portal and in search-based lists.
  • The process flow is displayed correctly in the process viewer, even for larger processes.
  • Highlighting during in-place editing of columns works as expected, even if the content extends beyond the next cell.
  • It is prevented that widgets jump permanently at a certain web browser width.

Fabasoft Folio Client

  • The update of Chromium-based web browser extensions is enforced.
  • Mozilla Firefox: The Fabasoft Folio Client Extension gets not blocked.
  • The focus gets not lost, when a document will be saved or relocked on Microsoft Windows.
  • A conflict when editing documents with fields has been solved.
  • An expired document lock does not result in a file that cannot be saved if the document is locked in the meantime.
  • An endless loop during import of an MSG file that gets converted into a VCF object has been fixed.
  • The handling of inline text modules has been improved.
  • The handling of nested inline text modules has been improved.
  • Inserting a formatted text module does not show an error.
  • Tables can be used in text modules that should be hidden.
  • Microsoft Word fields are not updated, when IsContentModificationAllowed returns false.
  • Fields are updated as part of the synchronization for Microsoft Word documents.
  • Synchronized devices in the account menu are removed if there was no access for more than one year.
  • Zero-byte files are treated specially to avoid data loss.

Supported Third-Party ProductsPermanent link for this heading

The following new third-party products or versions are supported. More information can be found in the software product information.

Fabasoft Folio Services

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3
  • AlmaLinux 9.3
  • ExifTool 12.70
  • Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK 17.0.10 (JRE, HotSpot, Microsoft Windows)
  • OpenJDK 17 (JRE, headless, included in the supported operating system)
  • Fabasoft DTS Gateway 4.14


  • Apple macOS 14.4
  • Mozilla Firefox 123.0
  • Google Chrome 122.0
  • Microsoft Edge 122.0
  • Apple Safari 17.4

Mobile Clients

  • Apple iPadOS/iOS 17.4