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Definition of Environment VariablesPermanent link for this heading

Environment variables can be defined in various ways:

  • in the command line
  • in the process environment
  • in the file system (Linux environment)
  • in the Microsoft Windows Registry (Microsoft Windows environment)

These levels are organized hierarchically, so that settings can be made in all levels. The declaration in the command line has the highest precedence. Then the value of the environment variable in the process environment is considered. If there are no declarations in these two levels, the entries in the file system or the Microsoft Windows Registry (depending on the platform) are used.

Often it is necessary to overwrite existing settings. This can be done via the command line, or, if this is not possible, via a SET or export command.

It is important to be aware of the correct notation when using variables in the process environment or in the command line:

  • Entries in the process environment are written in capital letters, e.g. HOST.
  • If the variable is passed as parameter in the command line, the usage of a hyphen followed by the name using small letters is required: -host

Registry Environment (Linux)Permanent link for this heading

The environment variables which are declared in the Microsoft Windows Registry can be set on Linux in the file system.


This path accords to:



To set the environment variable CHECKINSTALLATION to the Value no, following commands can be executed.

su - fscsrv
cd /etc/fabasoft/settings/users/fscsrv/Software/Fabasoft/Environment


Service Environment (Linux)Permanent link for this heading

The process environment of Fabasoft Folio Services on Linux can be adjusted through the file system. Each Fabasoft Folio Service has got an instance directory.


Each instance directory contains a sub directory env which maps the process environment based on files:


Each file in the directory represents an environment variable. The file name accords to the key and the content to the value.



Host name or IP address of the machine that contains the primary COO store of the Fabasoft Folio Domain (to be declared during installation).

To set the value of the environment variable to „localhost“, perform following steps:

su - fscsrv
cd /var/opt/
echo -n "localhost" > HOST

Microsoft Windows RegistryPermanent link for this heading

Environment variables that are specified in the Microsoft Windows Registry are located in the following key:


ValuesPermanent link for this heading

Variables can have different values, depending on the type of the variables. In case of the type “Boolean” the value can be TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO or 1/0.

If registry entries are used to set variables, choose the type REG_SZ (string value) also for variables that contain numerical values. The definition of numerical values can be made decimal or hexadecimal.