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Fabasoft Folio implements the uniform, reliable and controlled management of all digital content in the enterprise.

Gartner Inc. placed Fabasoft in the "Magic Quadrant" for Enterprise Content Management in October 2009. This is one of the most important global market studies for ECM software. Fabasoft is consequently among the top global players for Enterprise Content Management. According to Gartner, Fabasoft Folio is a cutting-edge software product characterized by an outstanding and comprehensive set of ECM capabilities:

  • Certificated auditing acceptability, Compliance and Information Governance. Fabasoft is certificated by ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type II.
  • Quality, Usability and Style. The American analysts “CMS Watch” describes in the “CMS Watch ECM Report 2010” the Fabasoft Folio Web 2.0 User Interface as one of the best currently available.
  • Agility in product development and client projects. For many years Fabasoft has been emphasizing the agile project management method “Scrum”. Quarterly product releases in highest possible product quality (“Zero Known Defects”) guarantee additional customer value.
  • Secure investment due to consistent platform independence and openness. Fabasoft Folio supports Microsoft Windows Platforms as well as Open Source Platforms. The open, platform independent Service Oriented Architecture provides easy and efficient integration into existing system landscapes via web services.
  • Time and money saving introduction in an organization by using “Software as a Service”. Fabasoft controls Fabasoft Folio via the European Fabasoft electronic data processing centers.

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The product capabilities are bundled by product editions.

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Fabasoft Folio Enterprise provides for reliable capturing and storage of all digital business records. The product features informal collective cooperation and furthers the implementation of agile business processes with workflow.

The explosive increase of electronic business information is only manageable with appropriate tools such as Fabasoft Folio Enterprise. Capturing all digital business records is the prerequisite and the foundation for the implementation of agile business processes. Agility means informal collective cooperation. Agility also means using workflow for routine tasks and for formal corporate processes.

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Fabasoft Folio Compliance provides for the implementation and traceable completion of concrete corporate compliance requirements. Compliance Management means establishing conformity with legal requirements, trade- and industry-specific norms and standards as well as internal guidelines. Fabasoft Folio Compliance supports Compliance Management through the management of policies and the establishment of concrete compliance requirements. Revision-safe archiving solutions (e.g. EMC Centera) for audit-proof archiving of business records are incorporated in the product, thereby creating the basis for digital audits.

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Fabasoft Folio Governance provides for the uniform, proper and safe capture and archiving of all digital business records.

Fabasoft Folio bundles business records into files and business cases. Unmistakable business codes make sure nothing goes astray. Fabasoft Folio takes over the cumbersome tasks such as the proper capture and archiving of business records.

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Provided product services and product characteristics of Fabasoft Folio are defined in this Software Product Information (SPI). This SPI’s structure is based on the standard ISO/IEC 10746. This standard describes a generally applicable Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP). The essential product characteristics are defined by four different viewpoints:


ISO/IEC 10746


User benefits

Enterprise Viewpoint

Defines product services for user purposes through application areas and Use Cases.

Interfaces and Development

Computational Viewpoint

Defines the product’s software architecture and the interfaces for application development.

Reference Architecture and Installation

Engineering Viewpoint

Defines reference architecture and system requirements for the product installation.

The product only supports features defined in this document.

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The product’s scope of supply includes:

Product Component

Short Description


Product software

Installable product software.

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Software Product Information (SPI)

Document defining the product characteristics.

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User documentation

Documentation for users.

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Technical Whitepapers for product installation.

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