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Software ArchitecturePermanent link for this heading

The product defines a four layer software architecture.

Use Cases: Presentation

The presentation layer exists in two different forms:

  1. Via a web client, which is used in a supported web browser at the client’s workplace by internal users for executing defined Use Cases.
  2. Via e-service applications, which are used via a portal like the open source portal Liferay Portal by external users on the Internet.

Use Cases: Business Logic

The layer of the application logic, which executes defined Use Cases as Application Server on the web server.

Open Standards Object Backbone

The layer, in which production data is saved secure and persistently according to open, platform independent standards (Persistence).

Reference Architecture

The Reference Architecture layer, in which the product is installed and operated. See also “Reference Architecture and Installation”.

Open Source Software LibrariesPermanent link for this heading

The product uses open source software libraries. You can find the corresponding copyright comments and terms of license on the product DVD in the directory <DVD drive>\Additions\Open Source Licenses.

Composite Content Applications with Fabasoft app.ducxPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx allows partners and customers to develop content based vertical applications (Composite Content Applications), for example to manage insurance claims or personnel files. These applications utilize all the advantages of Fabasoft Folio like scalability and platform independence. Fabasoft app.ducx fully integrates with Eclipse, a professional, freely available and platform independent development environment for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Extensions With Forms  Permanent link for this heading

Besides the classical extension of the object model, it is also possible to add additional metadata to objects without programming knowledge based on a graphical form editor.

Fabasoft app.testPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.test is a non-stop use case based test environment for Composite Content Applications based on Fabasoft Folio. Tests that have been recorded can be run in parallel on different operating systems. Fabasoft app.test is part of the Fabasoft DUCX family and therefore enables numerous applications such as Fabasoft Folio, Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise and E-Services to be integrated via Liferay Portal. By implementing and running the tests on various platforms, the functionality can be tested in various environments. Thanks to Fabasoft app.test, it can be confirmed in just a few steps automatically that Composite Content Applications are working reliably on all supported platforms.

Web Service InterfacesPermanent link for this heading

The product specifies interface calls on the basis of SOAP and XML. So it is possible to implement solutions, which import incomings for example.